Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Planes of the Head Study

How many of you artists hate this head? I have heard that so often from artists...either they've painted it so much they're sick of it...or it is just so freaky looking. An artist John Asaro invented it for teaching students to see the planes of the head. You can put it under different lighting conditions it highlights different planes. It comes in gray. But I painted mine with acrylic paint so it would have flesh tones. It became even freakier. Painting a head in space is always difficult...I've decided to keep painting this head to help me with my live model sessions.


  1. I've never painted him...errr, it! But I've seen him frequently on blogs and in books.
    Yes, he would be great as a learning tool; and yes, I find him freaky!
    I love your series of paintings with pink in them. They're so fresh and lovely.